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"A gentleman never uses a toast to ridicule or embarrass a friend. Neither does he use a toast as a sentimental excuse to bring a friend or coworker to tears."
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John Bridges

John Bridges, author of HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN, is the ultimate up-to-date etiquette expert – especially for the modern man who wants to know how to behave himself, every day, even in the most challenging situations.

Want to know which fork to use? Want to know what to do when the guy sitting next to you at the movie won't turn off his cell phone? Wondering if it's okay to send a thank-you note via e-mail (much less, by Twitter)? Not sure what to wear to a wedding? Don't know what to do when a co-worker has b.o.? Wondering if you still have to open the door for a lady?

John has all the answers, and he's out to change the way the world behaves. Better yet, he knows how to be a good guy, and have a good time, both at once.

HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN and other volumes in the "Gentlemanners" series, co-authored by John and Bryan Curtis, are a publishing phenomenon. "Gentlemanners" books have now sold more than 1.5 million copies, and have been translated into more than 20 foreign languages.

Check out John's advice about today's vital etiquette issues here on his website, or learn more about his books here.

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Latest News

Listen to John having fun with David Leite and Renée Schettler Rossi on their delicious, delectable podcast, "Talking With My Mouth Full" ( full).

In Episode 6, John offers some basic table-manners tips; but you'll want to be listening, in early November, for his unstuffy advice on surviving holiday celebrations – especially the ones with friends and family.

John will also be offering holiday survival advice in the November issue of Men's Health. (Just how late should you stay at a dinner party?)

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